Art project #1

This creation is inspired by the French art deco style of the 1920s, with soft and avant-garde forms.

Art project #2

Work commissioned by a client wishing to revisit my artistic project #1 with a look of the woman towards the left representative of the nostagie.

Art project #3

This creation is inspired by a minimalist style in the typical shades of the vaporwave movement. The goal was to create a pool inspired by the one presented in the film \"Life of Pi\". The

Art project #4

This work reflects the portrait of a lady in a parallel world who seeks to escape by thought by admiring the exoplanets. I was inspired by elements of the vaporwave, while adding synthwave

Art project #7

Through this work, I wanted to bring out the stylistic side of fashion breaks in a vaporwave and minimalist atmosphere.

Art project #8

My creation is infused with a cyberpunk universe transposing into an anime-manga style. This work was co-produced with the help of an AI to explore new creative avenues.

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